Summary of Company

            Priced Above Rubies 3110, LLC is a woman owned business based out of Lanham, MD with 3 goals; 1) to remind women of their value and worth; 2) provide a cute and quality made handbag and 3) keep cost affordable. 

            A woman’s worth is far above rubies.  The company logo was created to remind women they have value.  So if an owner of a “priced above rubies 3110” handbag was having a bad day all they would have to do is look at the logo and be reminded that no person, situation or thing could devalue them. 

            Our biggest goal is to take the world by storm and empower women to embrace their true worth and value. Most of our handbags are made from vegan leather which keeps our cost down. A woman loves to feel good about herself and look good too, which can be accomplished by adding a “priced above rubies 3110” handbag to their wardrobe.



       My creator told me my price, my value, or my worth was above rubies.  Rubies! Do you know the value of a ruby? And even if you did, my creator said my price was far above rubies.  I can honestly say that I did not always know that.

Some of my past decisions, choices, affiliations, and associations were a direct reflection of me being unaware of my worth or value. I discounted myself without any assistance.  I thought I had to settle for certain conditions, people and even my environments. I called it life.  “Life happened” is what I would say.  It’s the hand I was dealt I thought. Wrong and Wrong again!

I worked in the Domestic Violence field for over 20 years and worked with women in domestic violence relationships daily.  The theme was always the same.  Each woman would have reasons and rationales as to why they stayed in such unhealthy relationships,unaware of their worth. Then one day an alarm would go off in their head or someone told them –“you don’t have to live like that! You are worth more than that!” and they actually believed it. Then and only then did they begin to make strides to change.

I am a professional woman who has worked in the professional arena for close to 30 years.  I have been in the company of some very attractive, successful and wealthy women.  On the surface, they seemed to have it all together.  To my surprise, some of these women too questioned their self worth and value.  They found themselves in unhealthy relationships; settled just to say they had a man; shared men; and based their happiness on external things, people and possessions.

       As a mother of a young adult female, I wanted my daughter to understand at an early age that her validation did not come from expensive possessions or people.  I instilled in her the Creator’s definition of her worth and value. Well, she still turned out to be a clothes hog and a shoe queen, but she gets it honest.  However, she realizes that she makes those things look good and they don’t make her.  She quickly removes herself from people that do not add to her.  She and her friends rock the “Priced Above Rubies, 3110”  t-shirts and shopping tote bags to remind them of their value.

The Birth of the Movement

      I am a woman who loves fashion, especially handbags and shoes.  I remember a long long long time ago, I would buy three and four suits knowing the rent was due. Why?  Because I had to look good!  Who really cared though? You get a compliment and your minute of fame was over and the credit card bill marched on.  Robing Peter to pay Paul – but you looked good though!

I would buy designer bags or receive them as a gift, carry them for a minute and then put them on the shelf with the rest of the handbags that I just had to have, still paying for them even though I was not carrying them.  Now I am not knocking designer handbags – I still love them. The point is why have a designer handbag but don’t have that same amount or more in your bank account.   If you can buy the handbag, still meet your financial responsibilities of your family and your spouse isn’t going to looking at you cross-eyed, then by all means get it.

     Even with my plethora of handbags, I soon realized that they did not add to me or remind me of my worth or value. I still was busted and disgusted with cute handbags.  I didn’t only have designer handbags, I had all kinds of “no name” handbags too; but they were cute!  I would get more compliments on the “no name” handbags than the designer handbags. This is what led to the birth of the “Priced Above Rubies, 3110” merchandise line.  It’s the merging of a quality made merchandise, cute design and a logo that reminds the wearer of their value and worth every time they wear it.  How many handbags or clothing items do you have in your closet that remind you that you were “fearfully and wonderfully made and your value is PRICED ABOVE RUBIES!”